#vidit, Video in an INSTANT!Video in an Instant!

As a reseller of #vidit, our solution capitalizes on the pervasive use of #keywords combined with the explosion of monetized video views and viral sharing of content online Our process is current, up-to-date, and a real marketing economic disrupter doing the unimaginable; isolating a video message on YouTube that increases search engine ranking positioning [SERP] and conversion from that respective video.  Our offering  is for less than $100 per month any business can dominate the SERP with #1 page ranking on Google, bing, Yahoo or YouTube within 30 days or we give you your money back.  Our packages are affordable and scaled to meet the demand of any sized business who has an established  marketing budget.  Our U.S.P  is entirely geared towards the clients video achieving isolation on YouTube and reaching #1 page ranking on major search engines, making them almost immediately findable by means of a #keyword search done by the consumer.

In a Nutshell:  Just as Intel powers personal computers made by Dell, Apple and HP, #vidit will revolutionize #keyword marketing by means of video monetization, optimization and the dominant share of voice the company gains with #vidit’s sticky, social, engaging solution.