findit media seo

Consultants, managers and specialists who provide expertise and advice or who help get results in:

Business, management, technical, engineering, human resources, process improvement, productivity, energy, organizational development, communications, employment, proposal and grant writing, financial, Internet, software, computer, healthcare, fitness, insurance, security, non-profit fundraising, retail store management, building/construction, politics, image enhancement, private investigation, forensic analysis…

Trainers, coaches, consultants and specialists who teach, train or motivate people, including workshop and seminar leaders in:

Career advancement, personal growth and development, telephone sales, in-person sales, communication and presentation skills, public speaking, team building, writing and editing, marketing and promotion, retail sales, customer service, employee relations and management, holistic healing…

Product and service providers in virtually any category, including:

Accounting and tax, legal and paralegal, financial planning and investments, insurance, residential and commercial real estate, mortgage loans, security, investigations, secretarial services, word processing, medical billing, medical and legal transcription, notary public, resume preparation, job placement, software programming, computer installation, repair and networking, computer and Internet security, event/meeting planning and marketing, promotion, advertising, photography…

Non-profit and for-profit groups and associations, trade and industry groups, and membership organizations, including:

Charities, education-related fundraisers, public awareness groups, civic and community groups, social services and humanitarian groups, philanthropic organizations, museums, exhibits, advocates for the homeless, advocates for distressed children, orchestras, choirs, religious groups, private foundations, professional and trade associations…

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