WHY? Pay per click:

This decision is a wise one from the stand point that learning how online marketing campaigns work and keeping up with constantly changing information is often a full time job in itself….read more

Traditional?  Display? or  Mobile?

Only pay for results

No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Google and our advertising network. Pay only if people click on your ads and visit your website.

We’ll help you get started

We’re here to answer all your questions and can even help you create your first campaign. Call us for setup support at 717.364.9636

The fastest way to get your ad on Google

Want to advertise locally? AdWords Express is our simplest advertising solution specifically designed for small businesses. Let us do the work. Select a business category, write an ad, and set your budget. AdWords Express will automatically manage where and when your ads will appear.

No website required

Send customers to your business’s free Google+ page, or have them call you with one click on your ad.

Set your budget

You can adjust your budget and start, stop or change your ads at any time. To give you an estimate on how much you should spend, we’ll recommend a budget based on your business category and location when you


With AdWords Express, you’re in control how much you spend. To make sure you see results from your campaign, there’s a minimum budget of $50 per month. Beyond that, how much more you spend is up to you.

For more important information that is a must have, please contact Jennifer Sultzaberger, President of Find It Media today at 717.364.9636.

Things to know about 3rd party LEAD generators:

  1. 3rd party lead generators own several URLs that lead potential clients, customers and patients  to different Landing Pages, which are one page websites designed for Pay Per Click promotional lead generation and leads garnered in your geo-targeted area that are sold back to you. These leads come from the same geo-targeted area where your business is being promoted, meaning you are competing with yourself when you buy leads from a 3rd party lead providers.
  2. Leads garnered by 3rd party providers are purchased for pennies on the dollar and then sold back to you with a minimum of 300% mark up, making it very expensive for your business to capture quality leads.
  3. These same leads are typically sold to your competitors. This means that the leads become more difficult to close and make the average closing ratio of the leads 3-5%.
  4. When you pay them for leads you are paying for the following:
    a.   To drive search engine traffic to 3rd party Landing Pages to increase their search engine rankings on the return results of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and bing.
    b.   You receive no “organic” credit from the search engines for the click thru directly to your website for keywords you want your business to be found for when potential customers, clients or patients are searching.
    c.   The 3rd party lead generators receive the “organic” credit.  They start moving up higher on return results which pushes your business’s  website position to the bottom of the search results.  Making your website invisible for the pertinent keywords that are being searched by potential customers, clients or patients.